Fairfield Museum and History Center

Located on the historic Fairfield Town Green, the new Fairfield Museum and History Center is a one-story building containing art galleries, classrooms, meeting rooms, a library reading room, reference room, and a museum shop.


Fairfield Historical Society

Location Fairfield, CT
Size 12,820 Sq. Ft.
Program galleries, classrooms, meeting spaces, gift shop
Year Completed 2007
Photo Credit Warren Jagger

Designed to reflect Fairfield's rural agricultural roots and serve as the home of the Fairfield Historical Society, the building resides on a "cultural campus" of town and civic buildings, including history, religious, educational, and service institutions. Wood shingles and siding, wood shutters, simple wood trim, and divided light wood windows evoke a rural, residential character. The building's details are simple and functional, reflecting the work-a-day quality of rural America, while having a hint of Yankee invention.

Intended to appear as a collection of small rural buildings, each of five discrete components houses a particular function - education, meeting hall, offices, museum, and library. The components are connected by a window-enclosed lobby that welcomes visitors and provides an alcove for orientation. The alcove perimeter is surrounded by a painted "diorama" used to educate visitors about the history of Fairfield.