House in Sheffield

This renovation of a hilltop ranch house and related landscape in the Berkshires is intended as a simple retreat for a naturalist couple. Its goals are balance with nature and a fit with the rural architecture of the region. The house’s structure is retained, but the exterior and much of the interior are remodeled.


Private Residence

Location Sheffield, MA
Size 7,537 Sq. Ft.
Features renovation
Year Completed 2002
Photo Credit Jeff Goldberg/Esto
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A new driveway ends in a simple new gravel courtyard. This marks a beautiful entrance to the house and grounds. It provides entry to the house through the front door, not through the garage as before. A loggia at the entrance further enhances the welcome.

The back of the house is opened up to the views and landscape with new windows, french doors, and a stone terrace. Old foundation plantings are banished in favor of a straightforward presentation of courtyard to house, and house to landscape.

Principal spaces are a library and a combined kitchen, dining, and seating with large windows for viewing the distant hills.