Hubert Campus Center

The Hubert Campus Center is Albertus Magnus College’s newly invigorated student hub designed with sociability and community in mind.

A private Catholic college located in New Haven’s Prospect Hill, Albertus Magnus sought to create a social core for its community of 1,400 students that would house state of-the-art amenities and strengthen its student life status among competing schools. Reconfigured and renovated, the 38,800-square-foot center boasts a new pub, large lounge, fitness center, game room, and spirit shop, with several spaces for studying and campus events.


Albertus Magnus College

Location New Haven, CT
Size 38,800 Sq. Ft.
Features renovation
Program pub, lounge, fitness center, game room, spirit shop, offices
Photo Credit Francis Dzikowski/OTTO

A central corridor functions as a highway for activity with sight lines in and out of adjoining spaces. The heart of the hub is a student lounge, where a recessed fireplace is front and center and accompanied by detailed cove lighting and bold silver columns. Different seating arrangements, including quiet nooks and cutouts into spaces beyond, make for endless opportunities for both socializing and individual study.

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Tab’s, the new student pub, spills onto a multi-purpose space used for small and large gatherings, including lectures and film screenings. A new 3,500-square-foot rooftop terrace enjoys views of the adjacent baseball field and a trellis ornamented by the school’s emblem, a reference to its foundation as a Dominican college. A bridge connects the rooftop terrace to student housing, increasing accessibility and advancing the center’s mission to support commuters and residential students alike.