NeuroAI Building

New research initiatives examining the links between neuroscience and the next generation of artificial intelligence ignited Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s need for a dedicated space where the two disciplines could converge. Centerbrook’s expansion of the CSHL campus includes a 23,000-square-foot NeuroAI Building that will enable neuroscientists and artificial intelligence engineers to intersect for the first time, revolutionizing research at the renowned genetics laboratory.

The new NeuroAI Building is home to a research operations department, post doctorate workstations, offices, and three collaborative lounges where researchers can convene informally. Meeting rooms for 4 to 40 people are washed in natural light with views of lush landscapes, the harbor, and beyond. Transparent spaces maximize daylight and extend the picturesque views, conveying a sense of openness and connectivity critical to collaborative discovery.


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Location Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Features timber frame
Photo Credit Centerbrook

The design of the building’s interior considers air quality, acoustics, and biophilic design principles to contribute to the comfortable working environment seen across the CSHL campus. Uniting sustainably-sourced cross-laminated decking and glue-laminated beams, mass timber construction reduces the building’s carbon footprint while offering warm organic textures throughout interior spaces. Exterior cladding draws inspiration from natural wood variations.

The NeuroAI Building is one of several that encloses a Visiting Scientists Quad. A glass connector provides direct access to a neighboring Neuroscience Research Center, further encouraging cross-disciplinary research and innovation.