Neuroscience Research Center

Centerbrook is expanding the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory campus with a new 30,000-square-foot research center that will support groundbreaking neuroscience, cancer, and quantitative biology research. Spanning three buildings, the Center will extend CSHL’s existing Hillside Research Campus and bridge to a new NeuroAI building, fostering connectivity and creating opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration.


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Location Cold Spring Harbor, NY
Photo Credit Centerbrook
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The program includes state-of-the-art laboratories and support rooms, offices, post doctorate workstations, meeting rooms, and a collaborative café. Access to natural light and views of the picturesque landscape and harbor, as well as biophilic-conscious interior finishes, will contribute to a comfortable working environment that is CSHL’s hallmark.

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Designed to be a hub for collaborative research and scientific exploration, the Center will also serve as a gateway to a new Visiting Scientists Quad, a Conference Center, and a Collaborative Research Center.

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The Neuroscience Research Center (center) spans three buildings, nestled between a new Visiting Scientists Quad (left) and the existing Hillside Research Campus (right).​