North Shore House

Designed for an undeveloped property on the north shore of Long Island, the residence coalesces forms traditional to Mediterranean architecture with the vernacular shingle style of coastal New York.


Private Residence

Location Long Island, NY
Features waterfront, unbuilt
Photo Credit Centerbrook
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Unique influences imposed by the site topography and zoning requirements challenged the design to respond to a narrow buildable area on slopes defined as “very steep” and “severely steep.” With access to the site from the high elevations of the sloped site, the house seeks to minimize its impact on the native landscape, noted for wild mountain laurel and mature oak, maple, and ash trees.

Having emigrated from Spain and Italy, the family gravitated to a design that celebrates traditional Mediterranean forms. Minimalist interiors with open floor plans connect to the outdoors and draw inspiration from coastal villas of Capri and Mallorca, while the roof and fenestration interpret a traditional arch form that echoes the rolling hillside along the north shore.

These cultural influences and design principles guided the design team to create a series of connected spaces, joined by an undulating roof, and ultimately form a family home.