This is a new 100,000-square-foot administrative building and festival plaza for the government of Prince William County, Virginia. Located adjacent to an existing County building, the new facility functions as a Town Hall, creating a campus for County activity.

The heart of the administrative building is a double-height lobby with information kiosks, visitor serving counters, and public meeting rooms. The building incorporates sustainable principles into its design and construction. It serves as an example to taxpayers of the value of these principles by its efficient use of energy and recycled materials.

Nestled between the two County buildings is a three-quarter acre festival plaza with covered walkways, benches, and an orchestra pavilion. It is a broad civic space that is used for a variety of public events. The plaza provides an infrastructure for concerts, plays, farmer's markets, arts festivals, and crafts fairs.

The campus also includes a memorial designed by Centerbrook commemorating all those who died in the September 11 terrorist attacks. Liberty Memorial is set in a quiet park adjacent to the Development Services Building.

Photography © Jeff Goldberg/Esto