The Village Residence Hall

This complex of 14 separate residence halls houses 336 students in six-person suites. The separate buildings were planned to accommodate the steep hillside with grace and a minimum of excavation. They also created neighborhoods and allowed the students to assign identities to each house, such as the "French house" or the "non-smokers' house."

Brick walls with arched openings connect the buildings and create a variety of small courtyards, each with a special ambiance of its own. One is shaded by a large tree encircled by a low sitting wall; another faces east and receives the early morning sun; and another commands a panoramic view of a mountain to the north.


Quinnipiac University

Location Hamden, CT
Size 77,844 Sq. Ft.
Features residence hall
Program six-bed suites
Year Completed 1991
Photo Credit Jeff Goldberg/Esto, Nathaniel Riley Photography
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