Centerbrook has been the campus architect for Quinnipiac University since 1978 when the firm designed a campus-wide master plan. Quinnipiac University had begun building on the 120-acre rural site sixteen years earlier. The campus had minimal facilities, all of which had been built on a very limited budget. Its campus was in dire need of improvement, and Centerbrook's job was to give it an organization that could be easily comprehended, an image that would be memorable, and a sociability that would attract prospective students and commit enrolled ones.

The master plan, created with the participation of the University community during a series of on-campus design workshops, capitalizes on the existing linear configuration of the campus, identifying ways that could transform it into a lively, sociable "village street." The "village street" would also connect the already established residential district to the academic district and distinguish the two.

To date, Centerbrook has designed and built thirty projects totaling over $100 million in construction cost and ranging in scope from new buildings to outdoor suntraps to renovations and additions of existing buildings, all within the guidelines of this simple plan.


Photography © Jeff Goldberg/Esto, Peter Aaron/Esto