Taking advantage of hilly terrain, this collegiate village rises above the campus, affording dramatic views, meandering pathways, variously sited residence halls, and intimate courtyards throughout. Opened in the fall of 2007, this complex of fourteen residences houses a total of 336 students in six-person multi-level suites.

This diverse village completes Centerbrook’s master plan for the residential district of the Quinnipiac University’s Mount Carmel Campus. The three-story brick buildings have been carefully sited to fit comfortably into a steep hillside and to complement adjacent student housing. The economical repetition of a single-building design was obscured by combining the front and back sides and gable ends of the buildings to form distinct courtyards.

The Village IV buildings continue the design concept of creating intimate neighborhoods with distinct identities within a larger residential district. Brick walls with arched openings connect the buildings and create a variety of small courtyards, each with a special ambiance. Blending with the hilly terrain like a small mountain town, the buildings provide inspiring views of the undulating Sleeping Giant parkland to the north. Sociable outdoor spaces complete the feeling of a unique and varied residential neighborhood that doesn’t feel “institutional.”

For three decades Centerbrook has designed five residence hall projects at the Mount Carmel campus totaling nearly 2,000 beds, as well as those at the school’s brand new York Hill Campus with more than 1,500 beds.

Photography © David Sundberg/Esto