Cohousing Development

The first cohousing community in Connecticut, Rocky Corner aims for its residents to engage one another and the environment in a pedestrian-centered and sustainable 30-unit village.

Rocky Corner was formed by people who want to live in a village where they can engage not only one another but also a natural and bountiful environment. Their living concept embraces diversity, living in harmony with nature, and a multi-generational mix of residents.


Rocky Corner

Location Bethany, CT
Size 45,000 Sq. Ft.
Program common house, private residences, parking
Year Completed 2019
Photo Credit Centerbrook
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Situated on 33 acres in rural Bethany, a short drive north of New Haven, Rocky Corner features 30 housing units clustered together along with a central Common House. The configuration will simultaneously afford privacy and foster togetherness. The built and pedestrian-friendly core will be surrounded by fields and trees, private and communal gardens, orchards, barns for equipment and animals, and natural areas for indigenous wildlife.

The cohousing movement began in Denmark and arrived in the United States in the 1980s. There now are more than 200 such communities here, including several in New England.