Tennis and Fitness Center

Centerbrook is designing a new outdoor tennis facility for this private independent school for 1,250 students in grades JK-12. Athletics play an integral role in student development through teamwork, competition, camaraderie, and physical wellbeing. A “no cut” sport, the tennis program invites players of all levels to participate and typically attracts more than 100 students each year. Its existing fifteen outdoor courts have exceeded their useful life.


Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School

Location St. Louis, MO
Photo Credit Centerbrook
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Centerbrook has explored various design options for facilities to house 12 post-tension concrete courts designed to USTA standards, covered and elevated spectator viewing, storage, and amenities to support the tennis program. The current design incorporates a large sweeping roof that covers open-air facilities, providing a gathering space for spectators and players. The raised platform wraps spectators around three sides, which allows them to take in the action on all 12 courts.

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