Kenney Center & Jensen Plaza at Yale Bowl

The Kenney Center and Jensen Plaza at the Yale Bowl were dedicated on November 21, 2009, the day of "The Game" between Yale and Harvard.

The three-story Kenney Center created a new formal entry for the historic Yale Bowl, a feature that had been missing since it was constructed in 1914. It also instituted a celebration venue for Yale sports in the heart of the university’s athletic campus.


Yale University

Location New Haven, CT
Size 56,771 Sq. Ft.
Features addition, renovation
Program stadium entrance, training rooms, alumni reception room, roof deck
Year Completed 2009
Photo Credit Peter Aaron/Esto, Chris Volpe, Derek Hayn/Centerbrook

New team and training rooms provide the players a better place to meet at halftime, and an upper-floor alumni reception room and green roof deck open to views front and back of the gridiron and tailgating fields.

Leading to the Kenney Center is Jensen Plaza, where the names of all of the football “Y” recipients who have competed for the Bulldogs since 1872 are carved into the Mount Airy Granite walkway.